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We may have changed our name but we’re not turning our back on our history. Our Davenport group classes are just as awesome as they’ve always been. So if getting to the Games is one of your lifelong dreams, come in to chat with, and work out with one of our many coaches who have been to the Games. And then dream on my friend… dream on and get to work!

With that being said, as we’ve grown we’ve watched our philosophy, our programming, and the needs of our clients grow into something much bigger than just CrossFit. As we’ve catered to those needs and tailored our gym to address the unique goals of our clients, we’ve started program after program that doesn’t fall under the brand. Therefore it made sense to re-brand as a gym that includes as one of the programs we offer at our gym vs. being a gym with a bunch of programs that don’t necessarily have anything to do with CrossFit.

As The Foundation, we now have a series of very unique and effective programs, readily available and customizable to the individual needs of each of our clients. It all starts with our basic group classes and expands from there. If a client wants to focus more on weightlifting, we’ve got Strength Lab. Athletic Conditioning? Endurance Tribe. A program just for Seniors? Longevity. How about Pro Wrestling? No, we’re not kidding, we’re even home to the famous Black and Brave Wrestling Academy from Seth Rollins (aka. Colby Lopez).

People of all walks of life, fitness and experience levels, will find themselves challenged on a daily basis at The Foundation to push their bodies and their minds to new levels in a premiere fitness facility with top of the line equipment (woodways, ski rigs, rowers, and more) and with a community of people unlike any they’ve experienced before. It’s our life-long passion and the drive for what we do every day. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


Group classes at The Foundation consist of a warm-up, a skill development or strength-based element, a Workout of the Day, followed by accessory work, which aids recovery and allows athletes to strengthen those smaller muscles that aid larger muscles previously worked during the last hour. These classes are all coaches by Level 1 certified coaches who will lead you and teach you everything you need to know to keep you safe but keep you challenged.

In our group classes, you will see that a variety of equipment is utilized. Barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, gymnastic rings, jump ropes, pull-up bars, medicine balls, resistance bands, plyo boxes, stationary bikes, rowing machines, and resistance bands are all used. You can see how easy it is to vary the workouts through CrossFit. In addition, we run, jump, squat, and use our own body weight as well.


In March of 2009, Josiah Lorentzen and Brandon Bartz, co-owners of The Foundation decided they should give a workout, called CrossFit, a try. What started off as a couple of friends awkwardly attempting 20 different movements that made very little sense, soon became a lifestyle and a career. When Quad City opened in September of 2009, the brothers-in-law had modest yet hopeful expectations of where QCCF would go. Being the area’s first gym, they weren’t sure how people would respond. Starting the first day of classes with 17 members, mainly made up of close friends and family, they had no idea the journey that awaited them.

At the start of the business, both partners had other jobs, but within 6 months both had decided to make QCCF a full-time career. The 17 original members had already multiplied to over 75 dedicated, hard-working members. This was a shock and a blessing, considering their 1-year goal was 50 members. Members were already seeing unbelievable results and spreading the word. As the owners’ passion for nutrition and fitness grew, so did the gym’s attendance. Years later and still thriving, Quad City rebranded to include group fitness classes and a variety of other programs to suit the needs of all its members.


To provide a community that inspires everyday people to change their lives through the pursuit of fitness and health.


The goal of The Foundation, above all else, is to get clients living healthy and feeling healthy. People come in with all types of goals, and we believe we are efficient in helping them reach their goals regardless of their previous athletic abilities or practices.

For us, movement and strength are most important and are the core of who we are. Strength and stability apply to all sports and all movement. Without movement and strength, you have nothing. Once we have our clients moving well and they are strong enough, we add intensity along with complexity. All of this happens in a positive and supportive community.

Nutrition is another important element in the mission statement of The Foundation. Every client wants to look and feel better, and there is no workout program out there that can out-train a poor diet. Food is fuel for the body, and at The Foundation, owners, athletes, and staff embrace this outlook and provide opportunities for clients to learn about nutrition in a positive setting.

The community at The Foundation is an integral part of the formula, which leads to our clients seeing amazing results and reaching their personal goals. Community: a social group sharing common characteristics or interests and perceiving itself as distinct in some respect. The common characteristic shared exists in our mission statement and that is that everyday people are pursuing fitness and health. Research suggests that people in communities inspire and motivate each other, share lessons of success and hardship with each other, extend a series of networks for people within the community, create opportunities for success, and, of course, provide an atmosphere for fun. This community rocks!

THE FOUNDATION   //   (309) 278-8029   //   ADMIN@THEFOUNDATION.FIT   //   OPEN DAILY: MON-FRI 5:30AM-7:30PM SAT: 9AM-11AM SUN: 2PM-4PM

Try The Foundation For Free!

We have a series of very unique and effective programming here at The Foundation. People of all fitness and experience levels will find themselves challenged on a daily basis to push their bodies and their minds. We start every new member off with a complimentary 45-min fitness goals assessment. The purpose of this session is to get to know you, your unique goals and to determine if The Foundation will be your best path to success.

During your FREE goals assessment we will:

- Sit down, talk, and do a brief movement screen to get to know you better
- Match up your fitness goals with a Foundation coach who specializes in that area
- Provide an overview of our unique training methodology
- Give you a tour of The Foundation's premier functional fitness training facility
- Determine if The Foundation will be the best place for you to achieve your goals!

Simply fill out the form and someone from our team will be in contact with you shortly to discuss the best time for you to come in. We are also happy to help answer any questions you might have about training at The Foundation. We look forward to meeting you!

- Your Friends at The Foundation

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THE FOUNDATION   //   (309) 278-8029   //   ADMIN@THEFOUNDATION.FIT   //   OPEN DAILY: MON-FRI 5:30AM-7:30PM SAT: 9AM-11AM SUN: 2PM-4PM


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The Foundation offers a series of programs designed to meet the needs of every individual. It begins with our basic, group class membership and expands into weightlifting, endurance training, and personal training. 2 convenient locations in Davenport IA & Moline IL.