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Look Better, Feel Better, Be Stronger, and Do More
Through a Combination of Food, Fitness, Play,
Community, & Accountability. Read more…
Look Better, Feel Better,
Be Stronger, and Do More
Through a Combination of Food,
Fitness, Play, Community,
& Accountability. Read more…
At The Foundation, we firmly believe that if it is your desire to be in the best shape of your life, if you want to feel better than you’ve ever felt before, if you want to gain strength, or even if you just want to be able to physically do more than what you can do right now, then there’s a very specific prescription that you need to follow. That prescription for health and wellness can be found on this page.

Eat Real Food

“Clean” literally means “uncontaminated,” which is exactly the way you need to be eating if you want to experience dramatic results. This is the single most important aspect of leading a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, in our fast-paced culture, we have come to expect and appreciate the art of doing everything fast, and that includes eating. You know what I’m talking about: you just got off of work and you’ve got to get Eddie to soccer practice and then Clara to her violin lesson. When are you expected to eat? Marketers, advertisers, friends and family have convinced us that our only option is fast food. That’s all lies. If you want to see a dramatic change in your body, you will have to come to the realization that fast isn’t always better. Man-made, manufactured, processed food is not good for your body.

At The Foundation, we believe that there are natural foods that are meant for our consumption. These ingredients are uncontaminated: foods like fruits and vegetables and animals that roam the earth have always been and still are meant for consumption. These natural and unprocessed foods is what our bodies need to flourish.

So many people believe that working out three times a week will be the one thing that changes their life, but honestly, they are wrong. Exercise is important - but healthy eating is the most important, and we pride ourselves in the education of our clients in this area. You’ll see owners, coaches, staff, and clients choose to live a healthy lifestyle and feel and look amazing because of it. This isn’t to say that we all don’t enjoy a little Whitey’s sometimes, but for the most part, we have learned that healthy eating makes you feel better, sleep better, look better, and perform better. This is the most important part of our prescription for health and wellness.

Some ways that The Foundation will help you learn about Clean Eating is through our semi-annual Look Better Naked challenges and our monthly Meal-Prep Group. During our LBN 6-8 week nutrition/fitness challenges, you’ll be taught about clean eating through the nutrition classes and counseling, and you’ll also learn how to track your food, including protein, carbohydrates, and fat intake. You’ll also have the opportunity to use our InBody Composition Analyzer to check out problem areas and focus your training more on specific, target problems.

If you’re interested, you can join our monthly Meal-Prep Group that gets together to create paleo-friendly main dishes all while getting to know other members of The Foundation. All of this is in addition to your lifetime coach, who will be the one to answer any and all of your nutrition questions so that together, you can work toward your body composition goals.

Stay Fit

Exercise is any type of physical activity that strengthens and/or manages your personal fitness and overall wellness. People exercise for a variety of different reasons, and you’ll see that at The Foundation, too. Some athletes have goals to increase their strength while others are more focused on conditioning. Some athletes are more focused on preventing aging while others just enjoy staying active. Regardless of the motivation behind why someone exercises, Smart Training is part of our prescription for health and wellness.

Research shows that exercise increases the immune system’s ability to prevent diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease. Studies have also shown that exercise can help increase sleep quality, prevent stress and depression, and develop positive self-esteem. Smart Training can aid digestion as well. The list goes on. It should be obvious as to why this element is so important in living a healthy life.

At The Foundation, we will help you balance strength, conditioning, flexibility, speed, power, and agility to not only keep you fit but to keep you mentally stimulated as well. The body and mind respond well to learning and love to be challenged.

Make Time to Play

An additional element of The Foundation’s prescription for health and wellness is making time to play. This is two-fold: making time for fitness and having fun at the same time. We believe that it’s important to schedule exercise into your life. You’ve heard it before: “Getting to the gym is the hardest part.” It’s true for most gyms but not at The Foundation. The reason we can say it’s not true for us is because our group classes are fun. Everyday, you’ll experience a different type of warm up, and yes, sometimes, we’ll make it a game. We’ve been known to kick start our cardio for the day by racing one another across the gym. We’ve also played a little “musical med ball” (think musical chairs). And we’ve got a lot of other tricks up our sleeve to keep you moving while you’re having fun. We want you to enjoy being active. If you are enjoying yourself, you’ll come back and when you come back, you’ll start to reap the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. We will help you put into practice all that you’re learning at The Foundation and without you even knowing it, you’ll be relieving stress and connecting with others in the community.

Be in Community

Every fitness and gym membership comes with a parking space, a building full of equipment, and maybe the advice of a personal trainer, right? What makes us so different is that along with a guarantee of the former, we’ll also guarantee that you’ll become a part of a solid community. We’ve all faced times in our lives when putting health and fitness as a priority can be a difficult task. Maybe you’ve just had your first baby and putting yourself first just isn’t happening. Maybe you’ve just relocated to the Quad Cities, and you’re still getting adjusted to the new job, new home, and new lifestyle. Regardless of the reason, our community at The Foundation is what will keep you coming back. You will be surrounded by like-minded people who encourage you to be a better version of yourself. This will ultimately set the course for your success or your failure. When you immerse yourself in a strong community such as the one at The Foundation, you will carry with you a positive energy that will help get you through those tough times. Research suggests that aside from the health advantages that accompany exercise, there are a multitude of social rewards for staying active as well. When you enjoy the culture you’re immersed in, you will learn to appreciate life in a whole new way!

Stay Accountable

When you become a member of The Foundation, you will be assigned a lifetime coach. This is one important factor that sets us apart from the other gyms you’ll be checking out. We know how important it is for you to keep taking steps forward and because of that, we’ve created an accountability system for you. We lay out the prescription for you to achieve maximum health and wellness, but we are a part of that prescription as well. Your lifetime coach will serve as a mentor for you in our community. This coach will know your goals and understand how to help you achieve those goals. They will keep you honest with yourself about the progress you are making and will help you analyze your level of commitment as well. When and if your goals change, your lifetime coach will be there to help you adjust your daily routine so that your goals are always in sight. Our coaches are the best in the Quad Cities. They are invested in your journey to better health, and this commitment on their part is what will make all the difference as you begin your journey to a successful health and wellness lifestyle.

What You’ll Get at The Foundation

• Programming – Day to day your only job is to show up. What we have programmed for our workouts has been thought through for years and is constantly evolving and improving as we continue to learn from experience year after year. After 8 years of experience, we believe we have some of the best programming in the country for getting clients in the best shape of their lives both safely and effectively.
• Coaching – Our coaches hold multiple certifications in different aspects of fitness, as well as being trained by Brandon and Josiah under The Foundation mission and philosophy. They are excellent coaches of movement and nutrition, as well as holding clients accountable to their goals.
• Community – The Foundation Community is second to none. You are coming into a community of 400+ members who are healthy, energetic, and passionate about living an active, healthy lifestyle.
• Accountability – There is no not showing up to The Foundation, and there is no not seeing results. Your coaches and classmates are here to help you on your way. Members feel a healthy sense of guilty if they miss their workout. This will become like a family to you, and that is a powerful tool in the game of health and fitness.


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Interested in learning more about us?
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We're so sure that we'll let you try us for free.
No catch. No gimmicks.

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