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Coach, The Foundation


Level 1 Certified
Kids Certified
– CPR Certified


– 2010 Regional Affiliate 13th Place
Games 2012: 34th Fittest Team on Earth
– Games 2013: 18th Fittest Team on Earth

Why do you CrossFit?

I because I want to see how good I can be not only as an athlete but as a human being. It’s a humbling sport that requires a ton of work ethic and sacrifice, which is what everyday life requires. Most importantly though, the community keeps me coming back every day.

What motivates you as a coach?

Honestly seeing everyday people achieve things they never thought they could do. Whether it’s the mom who never thought she could do a real pull-up. Or the old collegiate athlete that lost their way and finally found something they can be passionate about again. Or the person who just needs someone to keep them accountable and to show them some love. The members are what motivates me.

What’s your favorite thing to coach?

My favorite thing to coach would have to be my kids or teens classes. Nothing against adults but I think I’m just a big kid at heart. It is so much fun to see kids moving so well at such a young age. Again though, builds more than physically capacity it builds confidence in kids. It is crazy the change I see in kids becoming more comfortable in their own skin and pushing themselves even when they want to slow down. It’s building character in more than their sport!

Why did you become a coach?

I became a coach because I have a genuine love for people. I want to help people realize their potential and to believe in themselves. I also have been in sports my whole life and nothing has made me feel as strong or as fast or as confident as has and I want the world to see how moving efficiently and having fun in the process can help change their lives.

Favorite movement?

Power cleans.

Favorite workout?


Favorite cheat meal?

Ice cream… Duh.

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Maddy Doudna
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Head Coach
The Foundation
5335 Carey Avenue,
Davenport, IA, 52807