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Coach, The Foundation

Kristen Paulson


Why Do You Coach?

I love being a coach because helping people is my passion. I love spreading knowledge of the sport and seeing people trust my information and apply it to their workouts. It is the most rewarding feeling to see your clients accomplish something they may have never done before, and watching them grow with the sport and getting stronger mentally & physically inside and outside of the gym.

What Makes The Foundation Different?

What sets The Foundation apart from other gyms is by far the community. Not only do we have the best coaches in the area, but the gym gives everyone a chance to meet other people and have a huge network of friends. It is one big support system and motivator that drives me to come back every single day. I love this gym!

What Makes You a Good Coach?

To add to the first paragraph: what I want to accomplish with people is to find out their goals and helping them meet those goals. I want to see people have fun as well as getting in a good workout. I want to see people setting goals and being able to meet those goals that they never thought they could or would!

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