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Coach, The Foundation


- Level 1 Certified


B.S. in Communication from Augustana College

Why do you CrossFit?

I’d never been an athlete per say, and I definitely didn’t ever push myself hard inside a gym, nor had I’d ever even touched a barbell but, after experiencing just one workout, I realized this could be something that just might change my viewpoint on working out forever. Yes, I was laid flat on my back and it was the most challenging thing I had ever done but the next day I wanted more. The addiction and the love for had begun for me and I wasn’t going to quit. Not then, not ever. And here I am, 5 years later, in my thirties, with one trip to the Games under my belt, two babies, and enjoying being in the BEST shape of my life!!

Why did you become a coach?

To help and give hope to all those who have ever doubted themselves. Those who don’t think they ever could complete a workout, let alone walk through our doors. I want people to know that this is a place of encouragement. It’s really like a second home to many. I became a coach because I want people to experience the same life-changing journey I have had with CrossFit.

What keeps your coaching passion fueled?

Seeing a person do the unthinkable. Whether it would be jumping rope, climbing a rope, an unassisted pull-up, or even putting weight on a barbell for the very first time. Getting to see the excitement in a person’s face, after they have reached a goal they never thought possible, no longer makes my “job” a “job”, but a place you can’t keep me away from.

What is your favorite coaching moment?

When a large percentage of my class has completed their workout, but the clock is still running with a few people left to finish, and they all begin to cheer and encourage them till the very last rep has been done. Once you become a member of The Foundation, you’re never in it alone. There is always going to be someone helping you fight to the end when you think you’ve got nothing left.

Favorite movement?

Ring Muscle Up, because it was the most exciting moment when I finally got to the top of those rings!

Proudest moment as an athlete?

When I was standing on the podium at the North Central Regional with my sister, brother-in-law, and three of my closest friends and when we made it to the Games for the first time ever!!

Favorite hobby outside of the gym?

Being a mother. I have two beautiful children, Bella and Braxton, who have stolen my heart and are my everything.

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Jen Bartz
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