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Head Coach, The Foundation

Why do you CrossFit?

I because it has given me a chance at doing something that both physically and mentally pushes me beyond and limits I previously thought I had. It has been a fantastic experience having the opportunity to do something amazing every time I am in the gym.

What is your favorite thing to coach?

I love coaching Squatting workouts and hard interval training. These are two things that I am constantly working to improve and they can hurt! I know what I say to myself to keep me pushing through and I bring that to the clients in the hope that it can fuel them to keep working and bring that maximum effort.

Favorite Movement?

Thrusters! Hate them. But they are great in developing total body strength/power.

Favorite Cheat Meal?

Three-way Tie. My Mom’s Macaroni, Duck Burger from Barley and Rye, Whiteys Graham Central Station with Hot Fudge and Marshmellow!

Favorite Hobby outside of the gym?

Reading everything and writing content on multiple subjects/hanging with the family.

Favorite Coaching Moment?

Heavy Back Squats and a client in the middle of the reps tries to stop and tells me she doesn’t know if she can do anymore. I was spotting so I was right in her ear and I told her “Don’t fear being great. I know you got this.” Not only did she get the weight, I’ve really seen her behavior change ever since. She just needed to believe in herself, and I am grateful I was in that position to say/do the right thing and give her that energy.

Proudest Moment as and Athlete?

Two. #1 my deadlift at 640# Awesome experience! #2. Urban Street Games. I tore my hands (badly) for the 1st time EVER in a WOD and was bleeding pretty bad. My Partner helped me wrap my hands and told me no matter what you gotta do what you gotta do. If I didn’t continue, we wouldn’t have scored. It was shocking hurting my hands that bad for the 1st time, but (also for the 1st time) I was able to sort of block out the pain and finished the WOD. We came in 1st that WOD (Finished 3rd overall!).

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Coy Jackson
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Head Coach
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