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Owner/Coach, The Foundation

Brandon Bartz

Owner/Head Coach

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Level 1 Certified
Olympic Weight Lifting Certified
Kids Ceritifed
Endurance Certified

Why do you CrossFit?

Originally, I thought why not? I’ll try anything once. I was 28 and decided that I wasn’t going to get soft and wimpy like most people do approaching their 30s. Now, I because I love the atmosphere, the people, and I hate how I feel when I don’t CrossFit!

What makes you a great coach?

Passion. I want to see people meet their goals. I genuinely do!! The certs I have, the knowledge I’ve acquired, the hours I’ve spent, are all in the name of other people being better versions of themselves! Take everything I know about movement and fitness and I’d still do my best to better people. It’s just who I am.

What’s your favorite coaching moment?

Regionals 2012. We were on the bubble of making it to the Games. The first half of the workout things weren’t looking good!! (Which was one of my least favorite moments). Once the girls were turned loose (Maddy and my wife, Jen) they went to work!! They laid it all out there, 110%. All in hope to catch up and earn their team a spot at the games!! And they did just that!!! It was a great moment for me as a proud husband and coach!

Why did you become a coach?

It seemed like the natural progression for me. I couldn’t help it! I found myself looking up videos and articles to help others more than myself. I truthfully felt like people needed me! And I still love that feeling years later.

Favorite movement?

Muscle Up… Or heavy Squat Clean.

Favorite hobby outside of the gym?

Motocross, trail running, shooting guns.

Favorite workout song?

The entire AFI “Sing the Sorrow” album.

Favorite quote?

“Beyond the very extreme of fatigue and distress, we may find amounts of ease and power we never dreamed ourselves to own; sources of strength never taxed at all because we never push through the obstruction.” - William James

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Brandon Bartz
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Owner, Coach
The Foundation
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