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Coach, The Foundation

Alex Connors


Why do you CrossFit?

I CrossFit because I like the challenge. I need something to constantly be moving me forward and pushing me to be a better person. CrossFit doesn’t only better my fitness, it betters me as a person in everyday life.

What makes you a great coach?

My passion towards seeing our members improve while keeping them safe every day. I find the fine line between pushing people to their limits while working within the capacity of their movement qualities and strength.

What motivates you as a coach?

Seeing people break down not only physical barriers but mental barriers. The self-confidence people gain through CrossFit is so inspiring.

What is your favorite thing to coach?

My favorite thing to coach is movement. Lifting lots of weight is cool, but seeing people improve the basics of movement and watching it translate into CrossFit exercises, keeping them safe and efficient is the best.

Favorite CrossFit movement?

Handstand push-up.

Favorite cheat meal?

Pizza and Whitey’s.

Favorite song to work out to?

Anything by Drake.

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Alex Connors
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