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The coaches and community are all very helpful and SO positive. You aren’t just letting yourself down by not showing up. Everyone else is just as excited to see each other succeed. In AND out of the gym.

I’ve done city gym, “weightlifter” gym, group classes, and personal training but you won’t find another place where the staff and coaches are probably more concerned than you, about you, your well-being, and making sure that you’re getting exactly what you want out of your experience for that day.

So much transfers over from the gym to daily life. More energy. A more positive outlook. Strategizing how to accomplish everything that needs to happen in a day just like strategizing an approach to the WOD. I could easily come up with more chores to check off the list but I choose the gym because it keeps me mentally clear too and I love watching my kids try to copy everything they see me do there.

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