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I have been a member now for about 4 years. What has helped with my health goals is getting all the different perspectives on eating better and the importance of sleep and rest. If you are only doing the exercise portion you won’t see the results you “think” you should be seeing. Paleo, macros, low carb, lean meats only, no processed foods – all of these I have taken bits and pieces to make what works for me personally and am at the best weight/body fat% that I have ever been in my ENTIRE life. I have gotten everything I have learned from the staff and the members and ask a lot of questions to gain whatever knowledge I can. My fitness goals/success is a direct result of the coaches willingness to work before/after/during class on helping me and the other members attain the goals. One thing I always look for in people is genuine – and the coaches at The Foundation genuinely care about the success and attainment of goals by the members. Whether it’s getting a ring muscle up or doing a proper push-up – the same passion and care are provided to the members trying to get those movements. And then to compliment that – the members are just as invested in their classmates and peers to hit that back squat number or finish a workout in a certain time – and that too helps to attain fitness goals and provides a training environment that pushes you and others to be better every day.

To people who are hesitant – I would say why. If it’s because it seems intimidating – it’s not. Do it for a week and see for yourself. Every class has all levels of experience and ability and you always have to remember everyone had to start at one point and be in “the beginner’s shoes”. You aren’t going to be able to do everything right away – and it might be years before you get some movements down. If it’s because you are afraid of getting hurt – stop being afraid – if you play any sport not to get hurt – you end up getting hurt. If you go in 100 percent and don’t try to do things you can’t or shouldn’t be doing – you will be fine. Injuries happen regardless of the activity.

I am 35 years old – played sports my entire life – I can honestly tell you I am in the best shape health and fitness wise of my entire life. And it wasn’t until my wife and I both started going to QCCF/The Foundation that the health change for the better started. You are surrounded by a great community that shares the same passion for living a better life style but fun life style – I mean – we still eat pizza and drink beer on occasion. Getting to the gym every day for that hour and a half becomes a priority – after a long work day it’s a great way to clear your mind. Or start your day with a workout and leave energized for the day ahead of you. I have made great friends with the other members/coaches and if you end up sticking with the same class – you see those class members more than you see some of your family (this is where I do a shameless plug for Motown 3:15 ). When it comes right down to it – I have two young children who both myself and my wife want to be able to be active AND healthy with as they grow up and The Foundation is a solid contributor in our lives to making sure that happens.

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