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“It is so hard to summarize in a couple paragraphs what the gym means to me and how my life has been changed by your influence. I hope you know how thankful I am for YOU who pushed me to start CrossFit, casually told me that I could train my body back to where it was pre-baby, and literally held my hand for my first box jump. What you do is amazing work and I can’t tell you that enough. I don’t think I will ever eat in a non-paleo way again - minus the occasional cheat day that I pay for by feeling so sick after! That is my non-filtered response to YOU! My answers to your questions are below.” - Carrie

What about the Foundation helped and reach your health and fitness goals?

There are so many aspects of The Foundation that help me every day to reach my health and fitness goals. After having 3 babies in a short amount of time, my body had significantly changed. It seemed, that for me, no amount of calorie counting, or working out on my own was getting me to where I needed or wanted to be. The Foundation does a fantastic job at taking a holistic approach to helping people attend to their overall wellness. When I first began crossfit, I was met with the most supportive, non-judgmental coaches and members who took the time to teach me about the appropriate techniques for the movements. I have been challenged to accomplish things during the last couple of years that I didn’t know that I could and I have more energy and clarity than ever before. The gym also offers information and trainings about healthy eating and giving your body the energy it needs to function optimally.

What would you say to the new person who is hesitant about beginning at the Foundation?

I would say to challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone. Growth and change won’t happen without that. Take a risk and do something new. You won’t be sorry! There are members at various fitness levels and the coaches are excellent at helping new members feel welcome.

Anything else you can add about how The Foundation that has impacted your life for the better?

I am so incredibly thankful for the coaches, staff, and friends I have made at The Foundation. My children come with me to the gym and have become more cognizant of incorporating health and fitness into their own lives. It is possible to learn how to make fitness and health a priority while balancing the busy demands of life.

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