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3…2…1…. GO!  1,2,3,4,5,6…….moooooommmmmmmm (mumbled crying and screaming). Let me guess. The tablet died? My video won’t work? Or I can’t hear anything? Which on is it this time? The world is going to end and I am only on rep 6. Pregnancy and motherhood are different for every woman, so by no means does this speak for all women, this is just my journey.

I have been Crossfitting for over 2 years. These past 2 years have been eventful, an amazing fitness journey. Before Crossfit, I only went to the YMCA occasionally and never did I work out with my first child and I gained 40 lbs with her. I have been swimming my whole life competitively. We did lift 3 times a week; bench, squat, hang cleans and lots of machines. We ran and did a triathlon every year. I was looking for something that was missing. I wanted that competitiveness back, that drive, the sweat, and pain. I craved it.

was a whole new experience and I was excited. It wasn’t until my boyfriend introduced it to me that I fell in love. Since then I have had many successes and also learned a lot of things about myself. Personal records, individual and team competitions, new friendships, a new passion, and a new obsession. The list goes on.

The Foundation and CrossFit will do that to you. It is challenging and gives you the ability to try new things and do things outside your comfort zone. It is amazing that an atmosphere brings so many different people together for one common purpose and they actually get along and challenge each other.

Being pregnant and doing is a whole other thing. You have no idea how many people questioned my judgment by working out full time while pregnant. Thinking I’m harming myself and my child especially. Even though all research shows you can continue to do what you did before pregnancy. You know your body best. You know I did it anyway. There will always be naysayers in everything you do, so do it anyway.

At the beginning it was rough. I was very tired and felt little motivation. This was hard for me as this is not my personality I am always on the go and getting things done. So not feeling like working out or doing anything for that matter was tough.

Throughout my pregnancy, there were good and bad days. The biggest thing that was important to me was to stay consistent. At least 3 times a week. It was imperative to keep my body in motion. A body in motion stays in motion. A body at rest stays at rest. Stretching and even light weights and cardio helped a lot. I skipped the running it felt uncomfortable bouncing around. I felt worse taking more than a few days off. Not to mention the peeing my pants during double under’s, shooting pains in my vagina while squatting or running and the look of walking like a penguin at about 6 months. All normal they say. I don’t exactly know how “they” define “normal”.

So if I learned anything during this pregnancy it was to keep going even when you don’t want to. You don’t have to go balls to the wall every time nor should you. Keep doing what you want to do. Not every day is a max rep or max weight day but you can stretch, work on some accessory and maybe even sweat just a little.

Just show up!!!! We are glad you and your tribe are here and we hate it when you’re gone. Check out my next blog post where I will be discussing post pregnancy and starting back at and The Foundation.

My Mom lifts more than your dad;)
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My Mom lifts more than your dad;)
The world is going to end and I am only on rep 6. Pregnancy and motherhood are different for every woman, so by no means does this speak for all woman, this is just my journey.
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