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Staying at home for 5 weeks was rough on my body and mind. I don’t do well being sedentary. I would be lying if I said there haven’t been laughs, tears, anxiety, anger, fear, sadness at least once. So getting out and finding things to do is key. I have been very sore and my body has been craving movement not to mention sleep. I have had issues with a sore back and tailbone the last few months so, when I finally felt up to working out, it was amazing to sweat and just move. Running also seemed to be an issue and I have had to make a slow come back with that. Coming to the gym for me is an oasis, an escape. Every time I walk in there my problems just seem to melt away. So being able to start again has been amazing. You’ll never realize how much you’ll miss something until you can’t do it anymore.

Day 1

Slow start….no weight… How I have missed the holding the bar! The feeling of picking it up and moving through space is amazing. Not being able to put weight on the bar is hard. Just doing the movement feels good. Just like riding a bike it came right back. If I don’t go slow now I know I could have issues arise that would put me on the side lines for far longer. So little to no weight is how it will stay for at least awhile. My ab muscles separated due to pregnancy and it had been suggested to me I hold off on certain movements until they come back together.

30 Days In

I have noticed my stamina has definitely taken a hit since having a baby. So riding the assault bike or wall balls really takes a toll. All I can think about is “just keep moving don’t stop!”. I have been running more often and have been trying to make sure I do something every day to keep my body moving. It seems the strength part has come back quicker and I have been able to get close to my weights that I did pre-baby (this is different for many women so it all depends on the person). I have noticed I have been a lot sorer than I used to be. I have been stretching a lot more and taking recovery protein and drinks. I have been trying to mix up my days too by doing different things running, swimming, gymnastics, yoga, etc.

3 Months In

I am feeling a lot better. I am only sore doing certain movements. Strength is coming back and it feels like heaven putting weight on the bar, picking it up, and putting it down. Stamina is coming back on certain workouts. I am extremely hungry and have been needing to make sure I have snacks wherever I go and that I always prepare meals ahead of time for the week. Scheduling and preparing ahead of time is key. Remember you know your body best and make sure you are listening to it. Moving and activity are important but not at the expense of safety and health. You being healthy is what is most important for you and your family. So find someone you trust to watch that baby and get to the gym. Your mind and body will thank you! Spend special time with that baby and also take time for yourself. Biggest take away: if people offer you food and want to hold your baby - Take them up on it!

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