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Something I’ve found to be consistently overlooked by old and new members alike is the use of the coaching staff.

At The Foundation, not only are our coaches accessible for group classes but we are available to work with you on an individual basis as well.

In the instance that you find yourself feeling uncertain, frustrated, unmotivated, or on a positive note, maybe ready to step it up to the next level in your health/ fitness journey, we’re here for you! This is when we as coaches want be there for you most! But, we can only help if you give us the opportunity.

When you find yourself in one these situations, make it a point to seek us out. As coaches, our job is to help you achieve your goals; more so, it is our passion to do so. Know that it is just as important to us, as it is to you, that you make continual progress in the direction toward success.

So be sure to use the gym to its fullest potential! Take advantage of the all the resources provided to you - especially your coaches.  Furtherance will occur more rapidly for you if you allow yourself to be helped along the way!

Accessibility to Success
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Accessibility to Success
Be sure to use the gym to its fullest potential. Take advantage of the all the resources provided to you. If you're unsure of how to expand your normal routine, speak with one of our personal trainers!
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The Foundation
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