You work really hard at your local Bettendorf Crossfit Gym but getting yourself into the best shape of your life means putting in work outside the gym and in your kitchen too. As of late, Bettendorf, and the Quad Cities as a whole, hasn’t had many options in the way of Natural Grocery Stores. Some of our local Grocery Store chains have picked up on the Health Food trend and added sections into their stores for those looking for less-processed, more natural options but these natural, in-store sections have remained rather pricey. Lucky for us, in 2017 a couple dedicated Natural Grocerers decided to open new stores in the Bettendorf area. And just to make it super easy, we’ve compiled that list of Natural Grocery Stores here. Worry no more about where you’ll find affordable, fresh food!

Fresh Thyme

(563) 232-0024
2130 E Kimberly Rd
Bettendorf, IA 52807

Fresh Thyme is an up-and-coming grocery store chain that is sprouting throughout the Midwest. Their mission is to keep grocery shopping simple, healthy, and fresh. Because they understand that fresh fruits and vegetables are the foundation of a healthy diet, their main attraction is the produce section. Their grocery stores are set up to intentionally highlight their large, fresh produce section. The produce they provide in their stores in often locally grown, when possible. They also provide a large selection of organic fresh produce options. Visitors will be pleased to discover that surrounding the produce section is even more healthy food options. These options include Natural meat without hormones, a bakery featuring treats from local artisan bakeries and fresh goods, pre-prepared healthy meals, organic bulk foods, locally roasted coffee beans, Earth-friendly cleaning supplies, gluten-free and dairy-free options, vitamins, supplements, and body care products. Another one of their missions is to provide all of these healthy food options at an affordable price. Health food stores of the past made it more difficult for eating well on a budget. With stores making it easier on the average pocket, it is easier than ever to treat yourself well with the foods you eat!

Natural Grocers

(563) 355-4396
3805 E 53rd St
Bettendorf, IA 52807

Natural Grocers is an amazing healthy foods source to have nearby. Not only do they provide the fresh, healthy foods our bodies desire, but they also provide free dietary assistance and information. They have been providing efficient, healthy grocery shopping experiences for over 50 years now. They strive to provide customers with the highest quality groceries and supplements available. They have their own Natural Grocers brand of products, as well as all USDA, Certified organic fresh produce. The thing that sets them apart from many others, however, is their commitment to nutrition education. Their stores have nutritional health coaches, health and wellness experts, educated and knowledgeable employees and a resource room. You should never feel lost while you’re searching for the right thing for you. Their staff will gladly assist you any step of the way. You can even schedule a meeting with their personal nutritional health coach. Alongside these wonderful resources, the store hosts regular events where they discuss science-based nutrition information that will help you further your healthy eating goals. Need some additional information about your diet? Looking for new, healthy recipes that you can make at home? They have tons of wonderful resources for tracking nutritional needs, including vegetarian nutrition. Check out their website or resource room in the store to find a variety of recipes.


(855) 955-2534
5266 Elmore Avenue
Bettendorf, IA 52807

While Aldi isn’t solely a health food store, they still have a spectacular selection of healthy food options worked right into every aisle of their store and at nearly unbeatable prices. They also received a major renovation to their store in 2017. Aldi is a great resource for buying fresh produce at a bargain price. Their stores are set up to make your trip to the grocery store as efficient as possible. They are a larger chain grocery provider, operating 1,600 in 35 states. You won’t find everything that you may need at Aldi. However, they provide great options for grocery products, like fresh meats, fruits, vegetables and bakery items. If you are looking for meal essentials, you will most likely find it at Aldi. So, if your pantry is missing that one crucial item for a meal you need to prepare, you can quickly drop by Aldi, find a quality product in a rush and on a great dime.The store is also making consistent pushes to provide more organic grocery and local produce selections. If you’re interested in finding organic, farm fresh produce, you will have a bit of luck shopping here. They make it affordable to purchase fresh, healthy foods at an amazing price. Be sure to keep up with their weekly ads, as well. You will be able to snag even better deals on select items each week, which can help when you’re completing your weekly meal preparation.

If you’re looking for some additional information regarding reaching your health goals, please contact us here at The Foundation by phone or email. Helping people achieve their health & fitness goals is our passion!

3 Natural Grocery Stores in Bettendorf IA
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3 Natural Grocery Stores in Bettendorf IA
As of late, the Quad Cities hasn't had many options in the way of Natural Grocery Stores. But in 2017, a couple dedicated Natural Grocerers decided to open new stores in the Bettendorf area. We've compiled that list of Natural Grocery Stores here to make it super easy for you to shop healthy and stay fit.
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