Eating healthy often means eating at home. While there’s nothing wrong with that, sometimes you want to go out. Here are 3 health food restaurant options near our Bettendorf location to help you enjoy a night out in good health!

Cinnamon & Sage

1115 W 2nd St Suite D, Davenport, IA 52802
(563) 888-1312

Cinnamon & Sage is a locally owned and operated family business. Their menu is based off of the concept of fresh and fast foods. They are even vegan and vegetarian friendly! They pay close attention to both the source and preparation of their food. If oil is necessary, they make an extra effort to cook with healthy oils and utilize healthy cooking methods. This ensures that you get all the nutrients from your meal, as well as no over the top oils. They work directly alongside local farmers to provide the freshest ingredients in their dishes, as well as to maintain a sustainable business. Choose from salads, soups, a variety of sides, creative entrees, pastas, and even casseroles! Who said healthy food didn’t come in a variety? Whether you’re looking for vending, catering, ready made meals, or even a personal chef, Cinnamon & Sage is a great choice.

Simple Superfood Cafe

1132 Locust St, Davenport, IA 52804
(563) 355-9000

Looking for a quick, simple, delicious, and rewarding meal? Look no further than the Simple Superfood Cafe, located in nearby Davenport. Fresh fruit and vegetable creations will make you feel amazing, and they taste great. Their meals focus on providing tasty, straightforward, healthy meals. Their ingredients are “farm to glass”, as they work closely with local farmers and source their ingredients at their freshest stage. Their local partners include: Brammeir Farms, Gilbert’s Grapes, and Fresh Friday’s Market. Enjoy a variety of simple meals, including: cold pressed juices, smoothies, smoothie bowls, granola and fruit bowls, wraps, specialized drinks, and even superfood shots. Whether you’re looking to energize, heal, or restore your body, there is an option for you at this cafe. You can order online ahead of time, or purchase a variety pack of a juice feast meal to go. Looking to feed a large group? You can also order party platters of food and kombucha.

Fresh Blends

2307 Cumberland Square Dr, Bettendorf, IA 52722
(563) 271-7300

This is another locally owned and operated health foods store. You can rely on Fresh Blends to provide you with delicious and healthy options, including smoothies, juices, and more. Their mission is to promote healthy lifestyles for the well-being of the community and fulfillment of personal wellness goals. No matter the flavor or nutrient you’re looking for, you will find a delicious, fresh blended smoothing or juice mix to meet your needs. What else? Their store is packed with bottled juices, cauliflower pizza crusts, and premade meals for you to take home and enjoy. Find your protein supplements and quick snacks here. Seeking some assistance regarding your health goals? They have Health Coaching Services available! You can check out their website to find helpful blog posts and tips, as well as to contact them and schedule your own personal coaching plan today.

Eating healthy, delicious food doesn’t have to be difficult. There are a ton of restaurant options right here in Bettendorf!

3 Health Food Restaurant Options near Bettendorf, IA
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3 Health Food Restaurant Options near Bettendorf, IA
Looking for delicious, healthy food options? Look no further! We have created a list of 3 health food restaurant options near Bettendorf. You can enjoy a meal out, while remaining healthy!
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