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3 Natural Grocery Stores in Bettendorf IA

3 Natural Grocery Stores in Bettendorf IA

As of late, the Quad Cities hasn’t had many options in the way of Natural Grocery Stores. But in 2017, a couple dedicated Natural Grocerers decided to open new stores in the Bettendorf area. We’ve compiled that list of Natural Grocery Stores here to make it super easy for you to shop healthy and stay fit.

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CrossFit WOD /11.16.17

CrossFit WOD /11.16.17

Part 1
Top Set

Part 2
4 Rounds
30 Banded Glute Bridges (see video in comments)
30 Barbell Good Mornings
60 Banded Side Steps

Part 3
Hang Power Clean Ladder
1 – 1st min
2 – 2nd min
3 – 3rd min
if you get to the 9th min… do as many as possible. that is the cap
185/125. 155/105. 115/80.

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