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We’re a tight-knit community
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The Foundation // A Full Fitness Approach

The Foundation //
A Full Fitness Approach

Our coaching program includes an amazing nutrition plan, fitness program,
and support system all designed to get you fit and healthy!
Click to View Our Full Prescription for Health and Wellness

Our coaching program includes
an amazing nutrition plan, fitness program,
and support system all designed
to get you fit and healthy!
Click to View Our
Full Prescription for Health and Wellness


Clean Eating

Eating real food is one the, if not the most important, elements of leading a healthy lifestyle. Keeping man-made, manufactured, processed food out of your body will keep your body and brain to performing and feeling their best!


Smart Training

Keeping a general balance of Strength, Conditioning, Flexibility, Speed, Power, and Agility will not only keep you fit but will keep you mentally “on your toes”. The body and mind love to be challenged and respond well to learning.


Solid Community

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people who encourage you to be a better version of yourself can ultimately set your course to success or failure. A positive, strong community will help carry you through the tough times.

“Welcome to The Foundation! It is our deepest desire that you would step through our doors and leave forever changed. We’ve worked hard to build a community of people who encourage and inspire one another on their fitness journeys. We hope to join you on yours!”

Brandon Bartz & Josiah Lorentzen
Founders, Owners, and Coaches of The Foundation

The Foundation has become so much more than just a workout facility for us owners. It’s a community that impacts many different aspects of our client’s lives and has become much more than we could have ever hoped or dreamed for. We have learned that health and fitness results are best achieved when you are surrounded by a loving community of people who are working together towards a common goal. We’ve learned that it takes more than just great workout programming and nutrition advice, it takes a compassionate team of coaches and staff to help our clients reach their fitness dreams and goals. Our goal is that each and every client that walk through our doors gets better not just physically, but emotionally as well.


Here at The Foundation, we offer fitness programs to suit an assortment of different needs. To begin, you’ll be thoughtfully matched up with one of our highly effective and experienced coaches. This partnership will allow you to set and meet personal goals whether those goals include weight-loss, marathon training, an upcoming Olympic Weightlifting Meet, a trip to the CrossFit Games, or just simply working out in a fun atmosphere and meeting new people. Overall, we will help you achieve General Physical Preparedness (GPP). GPP means that if you’re asked to run a mile, or if you’re asked to squat heavy, that you’ll be able to do both and do them both well compared with athletes who might only specialize in one area of fitness. This methodology is extraordinarily effective at getting our clients in the best physical shape of their lives.

When you visit one of our facilities, you’ll see GPP in action as we program a variety of specific strength training and combine it with intense interval training. Our group fitness classes are designed for athletes with varying degrees of experience, so whether the last time you’ve worked out was in a high school Physical Education class or you ran a 10K last week, we will help you succeed in meeting your goals.

The Foundation, formerly Quad City CrossFit, is a registered CrossFit Affiliate and although we are a CrossFit Affiliate, we’ve stepped up to meet the needs of our clients by reaching beyond CrossFit and adding elements to benefit the needs of all of our clients. Because of that, in addition to our group fitness classes, we also provide a wide assortment of other classes such as Strength Lab, Endurance Tribe, Boxing Club, Longevity, Yoga, Teens, Personal Training, and more. At The Foundation, we are continually expanding our programs and improving who we are and what we do as a way to guarantee that our clients are achieving their desired outcomes.

When you join The Foundation, you have two different location options to choose from: Davenport, Iowa and Moline, Illinois.


Our Davenport Location

Found at 5335 Carey Avenue is almost 11,000 square feet. Walk into our office and you’ll find a variety of supplements lining our shelves along with recovery drinks and protein bars. You’ll find a variety of The Foundation apparel as we are blessed to have our own print shop located in the back of our facility. All of our supplements and apparel are available for purchase and can be paid for with cash, check, or charged to our client’s individual account. This facility boasts of 3 full bathrooms complete with showers and 1 half bath as well, located near our office. We provide ample space for clients to store their personal belongings and a place to rest after that tough WoD. We offer filtered water in our main gym area and a hand-washing station as well. Childcare is provided Monday through Friday during our 9am group fitness class. Our childcare area is located upstairs in this facility and is free for all members.

Our Moline Location

Located on prime waterfront real estate at 3800 River Drive and is approximately 8,000 square feet. With waist to ceiling windows overlooking the Mississippi River, working out in Moline definitely, has its benefits. Our Moline location also offers supplements and apparel for purchase and has an office area as well. Male and female restrooms are available and equipped with two showers each in addition to having two water fountains to keep you hydrated. At Moline, you’ll also find an area dedicated to The Black and Brave Wrestling Academy equipped with a wrestling ring. This area is blocked off so that it doesn’t interfere with our group fitness classes. Childcare is also available Monday through Friday during our 9am group classes. In Moline, you’ll also find two Woodway Curve running machines. These are considered the finest treadmills because of their patented design, which offers a first-rate running surface for users.

Both of our facilities house 8 Concept 2 Indoor Rowers, 8 Rogue Assault Air Bikes, and 2 Concept 2 SkiErgs. You’ll find ample space to practice pull-ups and bar muscle ups on our rigs that are also used for weight training. Both spaces are equipped with rings for muscle ups, wall ball space, and ropes to climb. In addition, you’ll find dumbbells of various weights, boxes to jump or step on, wall balls, med balls, slam balls, kettlebells, 15 lb, 35 lb, and 45 lb barbells, weights to load barbells, and a variety of mobility equipment including mats, resistance bands, rollers, and indian clubs. Both facilities have plenty of parking space available.


Our coaches at The Foundation all hold Level 1 Crossfit Certifications and CPR Certifications at the minimum. In addition, we have coaches who are certified in Olympic lifting, Mobility, Brand X Kids and Teens, and much more. We are happy to boast about the diversity of our staff and all of their unique specializations. All coaches are required to participate in a rigorous training program before becoming a coach at The Foundation. Before coaches are hired, individuals shadow a head coach and learn the trade. During this time, our shadow coaches will observe entire group fitness classes including warm-ups, strength training, and WoD coaching, taking over certain elements one at a time until they are ready to coach one entire class. Then they practice coaching an entire class while being mentored by a head coach. Finally, they take over a few classes and are monitored closely. We pride ourselves in hiring the best of the best in our community. Our coaches attend staff meetings and training regularly and behind the scenes, coaches share tips, tricks, and collaborate on fun and effective warm-ups to keep things interesting for our clients.

The Foundation Family

A repeated theme that you’ll continue to read about throughout this website will be the importance of community. The Foundation offers a variety of different events to get involved with. We host three competitions a year starting with the all-girl team Heartbreaker’s Competition in February, followed by our coed team competitions, Urban Street Games held downtown Rock Island in June and Christmas Classic held at PepsiCo Center in Rock Island in December. Many of our clients choose to compete in these competitions and those who don’t, usually choose to volunteer in some way. These events are an integral part of our community. Relationships are built both inside and outside of the gym.

In addition to our competitions, we offer Look Better Naked challenges (our last one being Summer Shredz), which generally consist of a 6-8 week nutrition/fitness challenge. We offer nutrition classes, a nutrition coach, a way to track food, weight/body fat analysis using our InBody Composition Analyzer, and an awesome party to celebrate our winners at the end of the challenge. These challenges are a great jump-start to changing the way our clients think about healthy eating and result in a change in overall body composition.

If clients are interested, they can join our Meal-Prep Group. Once a month we meet as members from The Foundation in Bettendorf at the Bettendorf Hy-Vee for a night of Meal-Prep. Members of this group take turns picking out tasty main dish courses and coordinate our ingredients with the staff at Hy-Vee. Then, one night for about two hours, members of the group divide and conquer and put together these Paleo-friendly meals. Participating in this group can really benefit our newer clients who are just learning about healthy eating habits because they’re learning how to prepare meals and end up having their freezer stocked with healthy options for those nights when life gets busy.

Once a year, The Foundation owners, coaches, staff, and members will get dolled up for an annual party away from the gym. We’ve donned masks at masquerade balls and dressed in all black and white, but no matter what the theme, we make it a point to get out of the gym and into non-gym clothes and mix and mingle.



No! Just contact us to get started for free. Our workouts and exercises scale to any level – from broomsticks to barbells, we’ll tailor the workout to your ability!


Absolutely not! We have students who are in the 99th percentile of fitness and those in the 5th percentile of fitness. You are pushed and encouraged based on your current level of fitness. All we want is for you to give your best effort during each workout.


The clean and jerk, snatch, squat, deadlift, push-press, bench-press, as well as bodyweight movements such as push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and pull-ups. We also have our very own Woodway Treadmills, State of the Art Rowing machines, and Ski Ergs to keep the workouts scalable, challenging, and varied.


The Foundation class instructors are highly experienced coaches and personal trainers who are passionate about health and people. They are here to help you on your journey to greater health and fitness.


You can view the most up to date class schedule for our Davenport/Bettendorf gym location, Moline, & Rock Island gym location here.


Outside of our primary, group, CrossFit-style classes we offer personal training sessions at both of our facilities, strength training & athletic conditioning through Strength Lab at our Bettendorf/ Davenport gym location, full-body workout boxing classes through our Boxing Club at our Moline gym location, endurance training & a runners club through Endurance Tribe, Senior fitness classes through our Longevity program, a Teen gym classes for Foundation Teens, and kid fitness classes for Foundation Kids.


Yes. We have currently childcare available for a select number of our group classes throughout the week at both our Davenport/Bettendorf & Moline location.


Yes, we do have multiple showers available for client use at our Davenport/ Bettendorf IA location, our Moline IL location, and our Rock Island, IL location.


No. All of our programs require a coach whether it be for a group class or a personal training session.


Absolutely. We require that you have been Crossfitting for at least 3 months before attending our classes. Our drop-in fee is $25 for day 1 and $5 for every additional day after that. Please email us at [email protected] prior to coming in.


We definitely would say it is worth it, but we are a little biased. The only person who can truly tell you if it is worth it is you. The only way you can objectively know is to show up and participate in a workout.


Although you will probably start feeling better and stronger immediately, new students can expect about a 15-20% improvement in strength and endurance following the first fifteen sessions. In addition, our findings show that flexibility, agility and body composition are improved. Subjective things like increased mental toughness, energy levels, improved sleep and reduced joint stiffness are also reported. Most of our students are shocked at their improvements even though they would consider themselves exercisers before getting started at The Foundation.


It is a common sentiment to feel that, due to the obligations of career and family, you don’t have the time to become as fit as you might like. Here’s the good news: world class, age-group appropriate strength and conditioning are obtainable in just an hour a day six days per week of training. It turns out that the intensity of training that optimizes physical conditioning is not sustainable past forty-five minutes to an hour. Athletes that train for hours a day are developing skill or training for sports that include adaptations inconsistent with elite strength and conditioning. Past one hour, more is not better!


 Get in touch with us using our Contact Form or Call Us Now!


Interested in learning more about our programming? Want to meet our coaches? Not sure you'll fit in?
We're positive that you'll love being at The Foundation. We're so sure that we'll let you try us for free.
No catch. No gimmicks. We want you to be just as sure about us as we are about you.


Interested in learning more about our programming?
Want to meet our coaches? Not sure you'll fit in?
We're positive that you'll love being at The Foundation.
We're so sure that we'll let you try us for free. No catch. No gimmicks.
We want you to be just as sure about us as we are about you.


Interested in learning more about our programming?
Want to meet our coaches? Not sure you'll fit in?
We're positive that you'll love being here.
We're so sure that we'll let you try us for free.
No catch. No gimmicks. We want you to be
Just as sure about us as we are about you.

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